Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Charity Hats

Thanks to Mindy, I'll have a few more hats to take in to our guild meeting.

I've started on one myself, but for some reason, immediately veered of course. I had intended to knit some using my favorite hat pattern, the voyageur.

Instead, I stumbled across this book given to me by the lovely and talented (but blogless) Suzanne.

Instead of knitting a simple charity hat, aiming for quantity, I decided to work my way through this book and immediately began one that requires hemming, three pieces, tassels and color work. Naturally.

It even comes with the charming name, 2178-109.


  • The bus ride home went reasonably well. One woman was working her way up and down the aisle, selling cigarettes. She managed to clobber me in the shoulder with her big bag o'smokes on her way out.
  • Today, on the way in, the driver ran into a light pole, hurtling us all forward with no warning. It was wrenching enough that I'll probably need to visit the chiropractor. I won't be saving any money at this rate.


Annie said...

Re the bus update: Are you kidding me?!

Carrie said...

OMG - what bus number do you ride??

I've had a number of interesting bus experiences, but never a driver running into something! I'm sort of jealous because it's not my story.

Also...the bus vendors annoy me so much. There's a guy on the 70 bus who sells CDs and DVDs (bootleg, of course), and he's always in the aisle blocking the way.

But, some days are magical. Not a lot of people, empty seats, and a speedy ride.

yoel said...

Awww. You had me at 2178-109!

That hat is cute though. If only cute stuff didn't require seaming...

Rachel said...

Yikes! Did you file a complaint with Metro? They might pay for the chiropractor. Maybe. Might. Okay, probably not, but a strongly worded letter always makes me feel better. I hope you feel less wrenched soon.