Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Get One; Purge Two

When my parents were in town in late May, they brought with them three big cartons of books they had stored for me since 1991 when I moved to St. Louis. In fact, they had moved them once already from my childhood home to the home they bought when they became empty nesters.

It was long past time to take the books back.

To make room, because obviously I kept them this long because I liked them, I've been forcing myself to purge some other books I care less about, in this case books on teaching writing, grammar handbooks, technical writing manuals, literature anthologies, and copy after copy of obsolete instructors manuals and superseded editions of the MLA guidelines.
I cleared out two large cartons so far, which doesn't quite qualify for the Get-One/Purge-Two rule, but I'm working on it.

And because any kind of organizing can drift into hyper-focus, I picked up a few of the books to read.
Like this one,

In it, I found a wonderful pattern for a knitted doily that would make a great afghan, ala Hemlock Ring.
And I also managed to make Dim Sum, which is very good for hyper-focusing. Those are Hello Kitty chopsticks, btw.


yoel said...

Love the hello kitty chopsticks! I have the thin (like bamboo skewers) metal Korean ones, which are almost weapon-like.

I have never (ever!) gotten rid of books, but I feel your pain. I'd suggest getting another bookcase, personally. We all have our weaknesses.

Annie said...

Our renovations are forcing me to do the same thing with books. Now I've got to find a place that takes them this time of year.

Suzy Rust said...

i'm afraid when i finally purge they'll have to open a whole new goodwill supercenter! but good for you!