Monday, June 02, 2008

Catching Up

Since our last meeting (which was apparently just about two weeks ago), here's just some of what's happened:*
  • Completely cleared out my office for the first time in at least six years.
  • Went to a very weird reenactment near Kansas City.
  • Went antiquing and found the aforementioned brooches.
  • Called 2 dances.
  • Had oral surgery and subsequently six stitches in the roof of my mouth.
  • Gave a knitting lesson in Spanish.
  • Drove to Potosi and back.
  • Went antiquing again, but only found one huck towel.
  • Went to a dance weekend and called there too.
  • Quietly resolved that these were no longer my people.
  • Went antiquing again and found some 1864 sheet music from the Mississippi Valley Sanitary Fair.
  • Cooked greek lemon chicken for 180 people.
  • Finished the trim on my reproduction bathing costume.
  • Worked in my LYS.
  • Bought cardinal needles from Serendipity Needles (review: better than expected)
  • Was on television.
  • Missed it because I was at Stitch N' Pitch and also forgot to set the VCR.
  • Finished a knitted t-shirt.
  • Began a chevron scarf.
  • Began another pair of socks.
  • Began a chenille ballet-wrap sweater.
  • Knitted the back of a bolero jacket.
  • Had a week-long "foodie visit" (their words) from my parents.
  • Went to Guido's, Viviano's, Berterelli's, and Missouri Baking Co.
  • Went to Fast Eddie's, R. Pizza Farm, a Grafton pub crawl/miniature golf tournament, and the Fin Inn.
  • Struggled to keep from telling my father that a man who didn't know as recently as the 1980s that he needed to drain tuna doesn't really need to be lecturing us about food.
  • Ate at Aya Sofia and Ted Drewes.
  • Started the first day of summer school.
There may have been more; I can't be certain. Tomorrow, back to our regular schedule.

*remember that rule for colons, folks. Everything to the left must make up a complete sentence.

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yoel said...

Sounds like you've been slacking off as always! ;)