Monday, April 07, 2008

To the Birthday Girls

Yesterday was the celebration of the fortieth birthdays of Tammie and Fiona. And I did not go. I needed to catch up on grading,* which I did, a bit.
And to celebrate their birthdays, all I have to show is a present that they gave me.

I suspect that is their way though.

On the left is a pair of salt and pepper shakers in my wedding china pattern, Portmeirion Botanic Garden.** On the right is a coordinating platter, which I found on sale at Tuesday Morning.

It might be perfect for serving up some birthday cake, and some humble pie.
Happy Birthday, girls!
*this sounds too innocuous to make up for missing a co-fortieth birthday party, but it was really a situation beyond "catching up." It was definitely in the "you can expect to hear about this in your course evaluations if you don't do something about this" category.

**Even typing "my wedding china" sounds so dorky. Apologies. Know that I love the shakers though.

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