Thursday, April 03, 2008

Super Hectic

The more I take on, the more I tend to get done. Up to a point.

To whit, a Mardi Gras sock, cast on and knitted for about five solid hours yesterday:
Today, in between two classes, giving a quiz, taking a course at the art museum, shopping for ceiling fans, and foolishly agreeing to talk to a brownie troop about knitting, I managed to pick up two more skeins of Mardi Gras yarn at Kirkwood Knittery, where they were super helpful. The first is an Italian yarn distributed by Cascade: Bollicine Taormina.

The second, lord help me, is part of a very large line by Prism Yarns. The colorway is Tumbleweed and it seems to come in a myriad of different yarns. I may need to make a sampler project.

(thanks for being patient on pictures --my beloved called to tell me he was lying down on top of some discounted ceiling fans lest they be sold out from under him and needed me to show up with the credit card.)

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Tempest ina Pot of Tea said...

glad someone got good service at KK