Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Feeling Lucky?

The Wisp is done, blocked, and being worn at this moment. I'm still struggling to make peace with it. I feel like I'm tugging at it all the time, but I love the way this colorway of malabrigo lace looks with chocolate brown. I'll try to aim for a photo soon.

Meanwhile, in line at the gas station, I spied a display of limited edition M&M's--wild cherry. Willing myself not to buy them, I instead studied all the funny scratch-offs (sorry Larry) and spotted one called "Wild Cherries."

Surely a divine sign.

Even though I hadn't bought a ticket in years, I bought one, figuring it would at least be better than the empty calories of M&M's. I won $10, bought another ticket and won $2. Bought another ticket and won $2. Bought another ticket and won nothing.

So I stopped, ahead $8 at least.

Then they were giving away free M&M's at school, so I ended up eating them anyway.

I also found $40 in the dryer and $8 in my coat pocket, but I figure that money was already mine anyway, so it doesn't count for much in terms of luck.


Cindy said...

It counts as luck because you got it, not somebody else.

Annie said...

The Wisp does look lovely with chocolate brown. Surely another sign...

Larry said...

Hi, Deborah! Sometimes you just have to go with your intuition, and this time it worked for you! Just don't count on it always working..