Thursday, March 13, 2008

Mars & Venus

What I said: Have you seen my red-handled scissors? They were right here in this drawer, and I've really been missing them.
What I meant: LB, I think you took my scissors and didn't put them back.

What he heard: Deborah needs more scissors.

What he thought: I'll go buy her a 26-piece tool kit with a pair of scissors in it.

What I said: Thank you honey.

What I thought: Sigh.


Tempest ina Pot of Tea said...

If it can be done, it can be overdone! And how long before it is LB have you seen my blue philips screwdriver?

Cindy said...

Yes, but at least he heard you say something and understood on "a" level. In my world, that goes a long long way.

Annie said...

But it has a place for your cell phone!

And. Um. Did you find the red-handled scissors?

Peggy said...

Keep the scissors and I'll take the other 25 pieces off your hands.

Rachel said...

Ditch the tools. That would make a great knitting bag.