Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Lambie Pie

Some time last week, I cast on and began the "Socks with Clocks" pattern by Nancy Bush and promptly ran into trouble with the color work.

Plus my hands hurt.

So I ran out and bought some chunky yarn to make scarves and ended up having to knit it in the round.

Plus the wood needles made a noise like an out-of-tune xylophone during the chamber music concert I attended.

So I ran out and bought more sock yarn and cast on the "Gentleman's Socks in Plain Knitting" by Nancy Bush and accidentally used differently sized needles.

Plus my hands hurt.

So yesterday afternoon I bought a differently chunky scarf yarn and without even realizing it, cast on and knit about 4 inches.
Last night, LB just looked at the nascent scarf in my hands, arched an eyebrow, and offered to take me out for oysters.

What a Lambie Pie.

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