Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I'm at Sixes and Sevens

. . . and my problem is ones and twos. To be precise, three ones and one two.

I was zipping around on LB's second orange sock, had progressed past the 4.5" of ribbing and was into the stockinette when I suddenly realized I had a tree trunk in my hands. One of my sock needles was a #2 and the others were all #1s.


See if you can tell which sock was knit with 1111 and which with 1112:

So here's the dilemma: I would need to rip out 1.33 socks done on 1s and 2s, and essentially knit two more socks on 1s.

I'm thinking this will be a good opportunity to just keep my mouth shut.

It must be going around. This week, the Yarn Harlot accidentally knitted two different sock ribbings. And I thought to myself, "Jaysus! She's going to cover those things with leaves. Who the hell would even know?"


Cindy said...

I share your knitting philosophy. Keep your mouth shut and keep knitting.

Rachel said...

The one on the right? I think. Or the left. Hmmm... If they both have the same dimensions, just leave them. They will be in shoes, anyway!

Annie said...

Deborah, it's a very very very small difference. Though one a knitter would notice when the two are held side by side. Otherwise? Not so much. In fact, I defy any knitter to tell the difference on moving feet... Maybe revert to the right needles now to make yourself feel better.