Thursday, January 17, 2008

On Dogs and Sweaters

I am knitting a dog sweater.

In the past week, that simple statement of fact has provoked reactions more appropriate to me saying, "I feed my family road-kill" or "I have taken to playing with my poo."

There's a certain degree of knitiquette involved here. Would you react in horror if a knitter revealed she was knitting socks? Would you question the very need for socks? Would you act as if she was a bad person for even considering knitting socks?

People knit all kinds of weird shit--robots, apple cozies, even winkie warmers and a yarngina for Christ's sake. Ours is not to judge.

Beyond that, just because one dog does not like sweaters, does not mean that no dog anywhere on the planet should ever wear a sweater. After all, there are some people out there who don't wear socks, even in the dead of winter.

Of course, not all dogs want a dog sweater, and sometimes it's not possible to find that out until after the sweater has been knitted. Hopefully, that dog is a chihuahua so not too much knitting is required. I hereby apologize to Canasta for suggesting she would like a sweater. She did not.

On the other hand, some dogs do like dog sweaters, and they're not always the obvious tiny dogs. Does this doberman look miserable?

The current sweater is for Gerty Bean, a lovely girl with a 34" chest (XL sweaters only go up to 30"). With her bulldog head, brindle coat, and serious underbite, she doesn't immediately look like she's a dog sweater dog, but her short hair, lack of body fat, and love of snuggling make her a good candidate. She has her first fitting tonight.

So here's a good knitiquette tip:
  • Against dog sweaters? Don't wear one!

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Cindy said...

I may have to knit one for my 125 lb. English Mastiff/Anatolian Shepherd, Grover. So far, he's been ok with the cold, but this weekend should be the test, eh?