Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year's Resolutions

I made 4 of them and had broken 3 of them by 1:15 p.m. on January 1. Those were the ones that involved abstention (dairy, fast food, caffeine).*

Were it not for the subsequent guilt and the need to photocopy a pattern I wrote, I would have failed at #4 as well (blog weekdays).

To balance out the four failed resolutions, perhaps I need four knitting resolutions. Since they say sharing them makes you more likely to keep them, here goes:
  • I will try to make a charity project a month. I've been able to do this for the last 2 years, but partly by sitting down and cranking out lots of preemie caps at one time. Actually, my charity quota is full until April, but I'm officially resetting the counter.
  • I resolve to knit another pair of socks for LB.
  • I resolve to knit something in entrelac.
  • Finally, I resolve to finish seaming up the afghan I started in 1993.
*Here's the easy rules to remember when to spell out numbers (three) or use numerals (3):
  • If you can pronounce it in one or two words, spell it out (four hundred, six million, two).
  • Don't mix numbers and numerals in a sentence (The summer I was 16, I travelled 4,763 miles following a band no one cares about anymore.).

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