Monday, December 31, 2007

Dear Ms. Knitiquette

Dear Ms. Knitiquette:

When I get together with another knitter, am I obligated to wear something I've knitted?

Feeling Reluctant to Unveil My Projects


In a word, yes. But really, that's the easy answer. When getting together with another knitter, you should always wear something you've knitted. With careful planning and in cooler weather, it's possible, in fact, to wear up to six knitted items at once--and that's not counting a pair of socks as two items.

Fortunately, the amount of knitwear you don does not need to increase proportional to the number of knitters in your gathering. One item will do just as well for a get-together with a friend, as for knit night, and for a guild meeting. Were it not for this sensible exception, there would hardly be room for the actual knitters, would there?

While you must wear some knitwear, I'm afraid that you are not allowed to draw attention to it. Beyond a slow pause as you draw off your hand-knit gloves, finger by finger, or as you leisurely unwrap your scarf, you are not allowed to do anything that even hints at attention-seeking for your accomplishments. A thoughtful knitter will always notice and comment on your knitwear, and your friends have likely already seen you working on your project anyway.

Maybe they're not commenting on it because it's butt ugly.

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Annie said...

Oh, no, couldn't be that... Happy New Year!