Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Day 2

I'm not usually one to set myself up for failure, nor to beat myself up, but it occurs to me that I could blow three of my resolutions (to cut back on dairy, caffeine, and fast food) simply by ordering a #6 McDonald's Value Meal. And isn't it sad that I know the number?

I also had hoped to join in an Emma KAL on Ravelry. We're to knit something in pairs--gloves, socks, mittens, whatever. I thought I would like to knit something for LB, my own Mr. Knightly. Hasn't happened.

Fortunately, I didn't vow to go on a yarn diet.

I found this lovely Mardi Gras yarn from Gypsy Girl Creations at a new LYS. I was going to make a neck cozy, but it occurs to me that if I made a pair of mitts, I'd technically be fulfilling my Emma KAL. Unfortunately, that would make me the pre-Mr. Knightly Emma, the pre-Mr. Darcy Elizabeth, and my favorite, the pre-Mr. Tilney Catherine.

Like Catherine, I can only vow to improve.

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Annie said...

Yes, but dahling -- the yarn is lovely.