Monday, December 10, 2007

Welcome to the Morass

No pix today, as I didn't get a chance to head home after jury duty. I do have a funny LB story though.

After languishing for several months, literally waiting only for about 3 more inches of kichenering, the Mardi Gras Mobius was finished last night. I wore it downstairs, waited for what seemed like an eternity but was probably more like 14 seconds, and said, "Erhem."

No response beyond a raised eyebrow. Naturally, I said, "Do you notice anything?"

I actually have no idea what he said then, so delighted was I in my new mobius and so excited to talk about it.

"It's a mobius," I said, taking it off to show him. "See! There's no beginning and there's no end."

In the tone of voice one usually reserves for saying "there, there" to a toddler exhausted from a fit, a tone of infinite patience, he said, "I know, honey." He definitely did not mean "I know" as in actual knowledge; it was a tone that may as well have said "Welcome to my life."

He has since taken to calling the mobius my morass.

If it weren't so true, I might kick him.

Currently in the stack to grade:
5 10-page research papers
18 3-page position papers
1 very badly written 5-page essay analyzing 2 articles
1 very badly written annotated bibliography of 10 sources
1 very badly written paper on environmental footprints

20 5-page proposal papers dealing with a local environmental issue
20 final exams
11 3-page position papers complaining about the local community college
4 rock star gigs before the 22nd
2 house guests

On hold:
My effin' 40th birthday I found a party I can crash on the actual date. Pressure's off.
Xmas Since projecting is my favorite form of work avoidance, I definitely detect some decorating in my near future.
finding a zipper for the EZ ribwarmer
finding beads for the Vogue anniversary scarf
finding buttons to redo a Skiff sweater for a friend

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