Friday, December 14, 2007

Four Dances in Three Days

Yep, and I'm in charge of 3.5 of them.

1 house guest has arrived and 1 is on the way.

I'm not sure of the grading status as I'm just barely holding it together. Some is happening and will continue to happen.

Currently in the stack to grade:
  • 5 10-page research papers
  • 18 3-page position papers
  • 1 very badly written 5-page essay analyzing 2 articles
  • 1 very badly written annotated bibliography of 10 sources
  • 1 very badly written paper on environmental footprints
  • 20 5-page proposal papers dealing with a local environmental issue
  • 11 3-page position papers complaining about the local community college

  • 20 final exams
  • 4 rock star gigs before the 22nd
Look what my little darlings had waiting for me today when I came to give them their final:

Isn't that sweet? Apparently now that I'm over the hill, I can "get crunk"! Let's hope they misspelled "birfday" on purpose, or I've failed in my mission.


Cindy said...

Happy Birthday! '67 was a great year to be born, wasn't it? (So says another just-turned-40 person.)

Good luck with all the grading, so that you can finally relax for the holidays!

Suzy Rust said...

sagittarians rule!