Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Jury Duty

It turns out that knitting needles are considered weapons by the City Court system. I will not be able to knit during jury duty, dammit


Lynda said...

You know, taking knitting needles into the court room could be really dangerous. You could be on a really sensitive case and have the defendant be so upset about the outcome of the case that he breaks free and grabs your needles and stabs someone with them. Especially if they are circular needles, cuz they could strangle someone with them, or something. See what those people were thinking.

Shady Grove said...

You are KIDDING me! No! Dagnabbit. I have jury duty too and I was counting on being able to knit. Drat. Now what am I going to do all day??

Suzy Rust said...

Maybe you could crochet? Not as fun, but at least involves yarn. Or if a crochet hook couldbe used to poke out eyes, how about macrame? They can't expect you to just sit there and deliberate!