Friday, November 30, 2007

A Different Civil War Shawl

The first civil war shawl I knitted was too small, I felt. It felt like it was always wanting to slip off my shoulders, and it wasn't long enough to tuck the ends in or knot. I've been trying to sell it for the past two years, with no success.

Then I saw this photo:

It's a bit hard to see, but she's made little braids to tie at the neck and just let the short ends of the shawl hang down. We can't see the back, of course, but this is almost a cross between a sontag and a shawl.

What an ingenious solution.

A few details to note for knitters:
  • There are at least three colors to this shawl.
  • There is also a border, plus fringe, plus tassels. Victorians love excess in trim.

A few details to note for reenactors:

  • Based on her hair style and the photo type, I'd say this is a slightly post-war image.
  • Note that her bodice matches her skirt; in other words, she's wearing a dress, not a skirt/blouse combo.
  • Note that she is wearing a white collar.
  • While she is holding a stylish hat--please note her age. She's quite young. If you're not comfortable wearing hip-hugger blue jeans, you shouldn't be wearing a hat like this.
  • Also note the shape of her hat. It's a great hat shape, and it looks nothing like the floppy, sloppy, wide-brimmed straw hats seen at events.
  • Also note that she does not have a doily slapped up on the back of the hat, nor some sort of faux-medieval nylon veil-y thing.

We could all wish to be so cute.

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Lynda said...

I love all of the comments you made about the photo of the young girl. Most of those comments were ones that I used to make to the women in the group that we belonged to. They just wouldn't get the photographic evidence. Although I will say that they are light years ahead of where they were, at least they are no longer wearing skirts and blouses.