Monday, December 03, 2007

Yet Another Civil War Shawl

I'm trying to figure out Ravelry at the moment, heaven help us all, so in the meantime, here's yet another Civil War Shawl.

Notes to knitters:

  • Notice how she has striped the fringe to coordinate with the shawl's stripes.
  • Again, I see at least three colors, maybe four.
  • The shawl sure looks like a triangle to me, not a circle.

Notes to reenactors:

  • She's wearing a dress, not a skirt & blouse
  • She has on a white collar and white undersleeves.
  • She seems to be wearing a belt.
  • Her dress (likely wool) is trimmed in self-fabric ruching, not shiny trim better suited to draperies or upholstery.
  • Her hair is styled underneath a hairnet. It's certainly not wadded up in a nylon snood.
  • Her hair is parted in the middle. She does not have bangs.

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