Thursday, November 29, 2007

Brief Moments of Lucidity

In an effort to avoid work get in the holiday spirit, I picked up the latest issue of Country Living this morning and spotted this picture.
Here's a closeup:

The following sequence of thoughts quickly ran through my mind:
  • How cute! And knitted!
  • Actually, not so cute. Kind of funkily shaped.
  • But knitted!
  • I could do the numbers is duplicate stitch!
  • I could dive into my stash!
  • Knitting!
  • I wonder what I could fill them with!
  • Look at all the non-Christmassy colors they use.
  • Am I too matchy-matchy for this?
  • I wonder how long it would take me to figure out patterns?
  • Should I knit the hats in the round or seam them?
  • Pause a few minutes to count the mitten to hat ratio and to decide if some of the hats, those without tassels, are in fact Christmas bulbs.
  • Decide they're hats.
  • Get a number that doesn't come up to 24.
  • Realize some of the mittens look like hats because of the angle.
  • Count again.
  • Realize they're in a pattern of hat, mitten, hat, mitten, etc.
  • Realize what I'm doing.
  • Feel like a goober.
  • Look at the fireplace to see if the garland would catch fire.
  • Wonder again what I'd put in them.
  • Decide that chocolate, alas, would be a bad idea.
  • Think most strongly about chocolate.
  • Look in the kitchen to see if I've stashed any chocolate.
  • Return chocolateless.
  • Realize it's November 29.
  • Tell myself I was crazy to even think about it.
I still haven't resolved the whole cute/not really that cute issue, but I do know I won't be knitting this by the day after tomorrow. Maybe never. I'm pretty certain I'll have some chocolate though.


Lynda said...

I would probably have a lot the same conversation with myself and then, because you know, I live on a truck, I would plan on knitting it for next year, when we might actually have our house built and I could actually decorate for the holidays. Or wait, I could knit it for this year and then string it across the front windshield of the truck so that it dangles down and not only looks festive, but acts as a sun screen too. Yeah, I think that might work, but instead of hats, I think I will do small socks and small mittens....Yeah, this might just work. Now to look through the stash and see what it is that I have to do it.

Annie said...

Well, it might be November 29th, but ... something like this in purple, green and gold. Then you'd have a smidge more time. And you wouldn't have to do numbers. Hmmm.

Marcy said...

I'm leaning toward not as cute as it could be/should be. But so close!

You thought process is really close to what mine would have been! :D