Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Anyone Speak French?

Any ideas what this says?

Enfin pour que les miens tout l'hiver aient bien chaud
Comme ma grand'maman je ferai du tricot.


Peggy said...

Roughly, it means, "Finally, I can stay warm all winter. I can knit just like my grandmother."

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite pages is Bable Fish. The translations are sometimes quite rough, but it can give you a rough approximation of just about anything.

From my high school French recollections and Babble Fish, here's my take: "Finally, so mine stay warm all winter, I will knit like my Grandma."

Or the more prosaic: "At last I can knit, like my Grandmother did, to keep warm through the winter."

Anonymous said...

Oops - the address for Babel Fish (which I misspelled above) is