Friday, September 28, 2007


Alas, I cannot felt. I have a front-loading washer, and the door remains locked for the entire cycle.

Still, I am captivated by this purse pattern from Lion Brand for some reason.

It's crochet, which I can do with some difficulty. It's felted, which I cannot do at all.

But best of all, it's completely impractical!


Annie said...

I can crochet only for finishing, unless< I guess, I really work at it, but my washing machine felts like a champ! (or fulls... I think felt is the noun...) You're welcome to use it...

Suzy Rust said...

That is really cute, I know a little girl who would love it. Where did you find the pattern?

7-letter Deborah, never a Deb said...

Suzy--The pattern is free from Lion Brand Yarn. You need to register to view the free patterns, but it's a great resource.

Annie--Thanks! I may take you up on that.

Anonymous said...

Impractical? No way! It would be a lovely trick-or-treat bag for a kiddo!

I have a knit pattern for a candy corn hat that could easily be converted into the felted bag. It's here: