Thursday, August 30, 2007

Popping out Babies

Just a few days ago, I was in need of a baby.

Conveniently, I have now met a baby. Well, I haven't actually met a baby, but I met someone with a baby. She doesn't actually have the baby, however, but I've been assured that she will soon. And I don't exactly know her, have never met her in fact, but I will, next Wednesday apparently.

So, FO#1 has found a home.

And yesterday, I talked about a baby whose mother had on knitted undersleeves. I love how she's hiding behind the baby, peeking out to see if the photographer is finished yet.

So today I ran across another baby, whose mother is also hiding, but this time, quite oddly, under a shawl. I love the expression on the little dear's face, and check out his knitted sweater.

I'm pretty sure all this baby contact won't rub off on me, but I hope it's not an omen.

1 comment:

Silvana said...

Deborah, that's some big gauge on those knitted undersleeves!