Thursday, August 09, 2007

Mohair Tip of the Day

My knitting teacher taught me many years ago that when it comes time to run the seams on a mohair sweater, don't bother trying to use the mohair itself. Use DMC embroidery floss instead. It comes in hundreds of colors and glides easily through your stitches. The end result is nearly invisible and there's no danger of breaking your thread as with mohair.

Mohair Tip #2: When it comes time to knit a mohair sweater in August ... DON'T.


It's that time of year:
  • Tomato and white wine sauce over pasta for dinner last night,
  • Fried green tomatoes for lunch today
  • Cherry tomatoes for an afternoon snack
  • And tomato jam simmering in the crock pot even as I type.

1 comment:

Cindy said...

I'm getting ready to can whole tomatoes. Don't you love this time of year? As for the mohair, good tips. Especially the last one. I knit a Kid Silk Haze stole last summer and, yes, it's a bad idea.