Monday, August 13, 2007

It Begins Again

School starts a week from today, which means I am working really hard at work avoidance.

I've nearly completed one top-secret knitted object and already begun its twin. And, no, it's not socks, although I've turned the heel on the second one of those as well. I'm also almost done a mohair sweater.

I'm at the phase where I actually carry my text books around with me, periodically open them even, but quickly toss them aside.

Since I just used teaching to postpone jury duty, I suppose I should do my civic duty by the little darlings and figure out what I'm going to say to them this year.

How's this?
  • There's no magic to becoming a good writer
  • You have to write, revise, and write some more
  • And in the end, remember this: Better done than perfect.


Cindy said...

And, now, you can knit some more.

Cindy said...

Nice, concise bullet points.

I wish someone had introduced me to the idea that done is better than perfect back when I was still in school.