Thursday, February 01, 2007


It's done, including weaving in the dangly bit that shows in the photo.

It's for Hudson, who picked the yarn and the pattern.

LB laughs at me every time I try it on, which I'm thinking is not a good sign, but what does he know? He never wears knit hats.

It has a cool cast on, from the center of the hat, and an interesting slip stitch rib. The yarn is one of the kettle-dyed South Americans, I think Araucana or some such name. Time: about 2 days of solid knitting.

It occurred to me that knitting it without the brim, changing colors for the ribbing and then adding a matching contrast tassel would make a very, very cool, Victorian-looking, smoking cap type thingamajig. I'm liking that idea a lot. I don't smoke, but LB does.

Then again, he needs to stop laughing at me in Topi first.

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