Monday, February 19, 2007


Dammit, dammit, dammit. I realized last night that I had been within 30 blocks of Quincy's LYS. I hate when that happens.

I didn't even know Quincy had a LYS, and I only get there once a year. I always shop for yarn in Hannibal at Mark Twain Yarn and Diorama Museum. What a name, eh? And they're websiteless to boot. Even though I came home with some handspun, natural-colored wool yarn, there's always the possibility that Knit Your Dreams had the perfect yarn, the yarn of my dreams.

How could it not, with that name?


Lucinda said...

Just reading the map directions on their website makes me think Road Trip! With "Look for the concrete sheep hiding in the bushes." written in their directions, it sure sounds like it would be a cool LYS to visit!

djeh_b said...

Yes, I'm looking for an excuse to get back up there. With the yarn store in Hannibal & the one in Quincy, there's sure to be something to make it worthwhile.