Thursday, February 15, 2007


Valentine's Day can be such a lot of pressure, especially for guys who worry about finding just-the-right card and agonizing, "If I don't get her chocolate will she think that I think that she's fat? If I do get her chocolate will I be accused of sabotaging her body image?" I don't know if guys actually think that, but I feel sorry for them anyway.

Basically, I'm okay with a minimalistic v-day, as long as there's some sort of acknowledgement of love within the 24 hours. A verbal "Be My Valentine" around midnight is fine with me, although this year I got a beautiful antique sterling teaspoon.

I also, surprise of surprises, got a dozen roses, I think for the first time in 15 years. What I love best of all is that they came from Aldi's--the cheapest store in town. It's obscene that florists jack up the price of roses on this one day. LB picked up the roses, dropped them off at the restaurant he knew we were going to, and when he returned with me, snuck a vase in the sleeve of his down coat. I love him for all of that.

Here's my basic philosophy of love--Never forget that there's a lot to be said for someone who will put up with your crap.

We've all got it: perpetual lateness, knitting addiction, irritating in-laws, general crankiness, less-than-winsome flightiness, annoying habits, loud chewing, freakish allergies, whatever. If you have found someone to put up with all of that, then you are damn lucky, and you should never ever take that person for granted.

Now go give 'em a kiss that shows just how grateful you are.

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