Friday, January 12, 2007

Souvenir Yarn

Aside from two more pressed pennies, today I acquired my souvenir yarn--Tapestry by Rowan in a tan and plum shade, enough to make a substantial scarf.

I bought it at Downtown Yarns and it was actually quite difficult to decide on a souvenir yarn. We have very nice yarn stores in St. Louis, so there's not really any yarn out there that I can't get locally, for the most part. Malabrigo--we've got it. Cascade, Ozark hand-dyes, Debbie Bliss, Noro, Gems--got it all. It was all quite the challenge.

I was really wanting some sock yarn, but I'm feeling fairly insistant at the moment on solid colors. I'm passionate about lace right now, and don't see the point in variegated lace socks. They didn't really have any solid sock yarn, so I ended up with Tapestry by Rowan.

In other news, we ate more fabulous food--a kosher dairy restaurant called B&H (potato knish, blini, pierogies, borscht, bialis, smoked whitefish) and Moto in Brooklyn (incredibly tasty small plates). I also got to call at a barn dance, not in an actual barn, since there aren't too many of those in Manhattan, but in a Hungarian hall. I'm sated and tired and want to go fondle my souvenir yarn some more.

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