Friday, January 19, 2007

Pictures of the past

I actually did end up having something to photograph--Crazy Cotton is on 40% off sale at Hearthstone. Go get you some. It's lovely to knit with and has an amazing sheen. Did I mention it's 40% off? Plus 10% more for Frequent Fibers members?

Turns out the camera is missing from the shop though, so here's a swatch or two.
They seem to have 80, 82, 83, and 85 in stock. It ended up costing 3.24 for a 50 g ball.

But I don't really want to think about the yarn anymore and I feel guilty for even mentioning it in the same post. Instead I want to mention a few names so that the little bit of their lives that I know doesn't disappear into oblivion.

I was doing some typing at work this afternoon for an aging relative of my boss and ran across references to the sale and inheritance of some "Negroes." So here's their names, with their owners' last name and the date and location of the legal document.

-- 1762 --
Brunswick Co., VA
Ned Williams and his five "mates"
Betty Williams
Mat Williams
Dick Williams
Judy Williams
George Williams
Doll Williams
Jack Williams

-- 1804 --
Warren Co., N.C.
Kipsey Williams
Sarah Williams
Joel Williams
Nal Williams

I can't even being to imagine their lives, but please think of them, if only for a little bit.


Peggy said...

Doll and Kipsey are awesome names.

Larry said...

Yes, I'll think of them... Kipsey is a new name, one I've never heard.