Monday, December 11, 2006


Lots of things to write about, but the new Knitty has distracted me, of course. Thank god it only comes out four times a year.

I am really liking the following:*

  • Argosy-especially in the Noro
  • Monkey--in a plain yarn so you can see the pretty pattern. What's the deal with varigated yarn & complicated lace patterns?
  • Twinkletoes--my favorite in this issue

*Grammar tip of the day: Did you know that when you use a colon, what comes before it should read as a complete sentence?

  • Incorrect: For the picnic I will bring: potato salad, chips, and soda.
  • Correct: I will bring the following to the picnic: anchovy butter, botulism cultures, and my syphalitic mentor, Roger.

See how easy it is? Once you memorize that simple rule, so many of your life's problems will be solved.


Current backlog (such an ugly word, no?)

  • 7 10-page research papers
  • 19 5-page proposal papers
  • 28 3-page position papers


  • 12 3-page papers on making a memory quilt
  • 1-2 stray revisions (aka attempts to please god don't let me fail this remedial class)
  • 1 house guest

1 comment:

Carrie said...

Oh, I definitely see an Argosy in my future!

And, perhaps, a Sheldon. Knitted turtles are too cute, especially one with a removable shell!