Thursday, December 07, 2006

er hem ...

That part where I said I'd been a good girl and not even knit once?

It wasn't really a lie when I said it, but it was no longer true by yesterday afternoon.

Last night, my husband stared intently at my hands for a long moment and said ominously, "That yarn is a different color. I counted five things in your pile yesterday, and that yarn wasn't there."

But it's Lorna's Laces in Bee Stripe. I've even got gauge! How can that be a bad thing?
Current backlog:
  • 7 1o-page research papers
  • 19 5-page proposal papers
  • 29 quizzes
  • 12 2-page cause-and-effect papers
  • 1 stray homework revision
  • 30 3-page position papers
  • 12 3-page papers on making a memory quilt

Crap. That tidy line of bulleted items just screamed out, "Get out your calculator, honey. Figure it out!" Double crap. Do the math if you feel like it; it ain't exactly good news.

Happy hour calls, but progress is being made, I promise.

New pix of princess royal scarf and Mardi Gras sock are here and here, respectively. I have to borrow a camera and getting text and pix to happen simultaneously is pretty impossible. Of course, that means that the sock in the photo above is already quite a bit longer.

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