Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Ten on Tuesday: I Am

Today's prompt--write ten sentence that begin with the same two words: I am. 

  1. I am currently in front of the fire with a dog, a down duvet, and a new knitting project on my lap. 
  2. I am very glad to have beaten the snow home from school today.
  3. I am supposed to meet up with a friend to check out a new pizza place tonight, but I suspect we'll postpone. Yet again.
  4. I am oddly reconciled to winter this year. Winters seemed endless to me in past years, but this year, I actually believe spring will come at some point. I wouldn't even say I am enduring winter. It's just that winter happens.
  5. I am also thankful that this terrible, very real cold means that we won't have so many fleas and ticks and mosquitoes this summer.
  6. I am currently wearing an angora kerchief on my head. I generally save kerchiefs for bad hair days, but something about the red color and the softness and the warmth called to me this morning, even though I'd washed my hair last night before bed. I even wore the kerchief to teach in, something I'd never done before.
  7. I am in that lovely interlude before student papers start arriving. I am all caught up.
  8. I am in a tremendously productive crafting phase at the moment. I am not sure what's up with that, but I'm okay with cranking out project after project.
  9. I am booking a ton of gigs in the last 2 weeks. Also not sure what's up with that, but they're excellent gigs, some in new arenas, and I'll take as many as come my way.
  10. I am content.

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