Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Jane Austen Swap -- Outgoing

I struggled with this one more than I expected. I wanted to send Jane Austen Knits, but it cost $15, half of the swap budget.  It also seemed harder to find theme items than I would have guessed. I wasn't the only one, apparently. There were some truly rando swap boxes this time.

Instead, I sent a copy of Piecework's historic knitting issue, a selection of trashy romance novels, and a JA quote book. I can always count on our art museum to have some great gifts like this little quote book.

I had my genius friend Suzanne craft some stitch markers, and also included shortbread, a JA bookmark, vintage hankies, and a miniature watercolor set.

I couldn't decide what Jane Austen yarn might be like either, so I went with a color palette that seemed appropriate. My hand-crafted item was this amigurumi doll, with whom I totally fell in love. I don't really do toys, but I could imagine her setting up residence in my craft room.

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