Monday, January 27, 2014


I'm in the midst of a gap in my knitting. I've finished up some major projects (Dreambird, Catkin, swap items) and am holding off on my UFOs so that I will have them to work on during the Olympics. I found myself in need of quick projects.

I cranked out this unicorn snood for our dog trainer's standard poodle, Howl. Steu has to wear snoods for goopy foods, but he also wears them in his nosework class. If he doesn't, I can't reach his face. The trainer loved Steu's snood, and her poodle is simply magical looking, even without a unicorn snood.

There's about 7 hours of work in it, with quite a few fiddly details and a mixture of knitting and crocheting.  I may need to make a Steu-sized one. This one had 60 stitches on size 8 needles. I also added a looped tab at the neck so that a collar can go through it.

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tess said...

I wish Blogger had a "like" button....

fortunately, Spense has stand-up ears, because he'd NEVER allow a thing like that put on him. now, dear Everard (RIP) the cocker could have used one.