Monday, January 07, 2013

Craft It Forward

Last New Year's, a flurry of posts went around facebook with offers to "craft it forward." The first five responses got a handmade goodie in exchange for making the same offer themselves.  I didn't participate and don't know how it worked out for most people. I have a feeling that not everyone finished their crafts.

Still, when it went around this year, I joined in and got five takers pretty quickly: Heather, Beverly, Kay, Gail, & Elaine. I signed up for K, Kay, and Beverly's swaps too (I'm posting the names largely for my own memory).

I delivered the first crafty the very next day and have already made my second one, knitted washcloths in 100% hemp.

It hurts my hands, so I'll be taking a break from hemp for awhile.


AECDesigns said...

LOL I found Steuben! :)
I'm one of those ones who tried the craft along last year. I actually had a hard time getting 5 takers. Nobody wanted to commit. I did end up finishing (and getting) two projects. It was quite cool - found out that one of my FB relatives was totally into crafty stuff and now we talk about it more!

Bridgett said...

WEird, I thought it was a shadow on a tabletop!!