Friday, August 03, 2012

Hot Springs

Last month I was down in Hot Springs for a couple of rock star gigs. While the band was rehearsing, I explored the town. LB swears we spent a few hours there on our honeymoon, but I have no recollection of ever being there before. It was a lovely honeymoon, but there's no way I was that starry-eyed as to forget the awesomeness that is Hot Springs.

Anyhoo, with the assistance of the internet, I managed to score six pressed pennies, but totally without the use of the internet, I managed to find a relatively new yarn store, Knittin' on the Corner. I'm amazed I even stumbled across it because it's not on a corner; it's tucked up on the back of the second floor of a little shopping complex.

It was a lovely, airy shop, with heavy stock  in Feza, Plymouth, and Tahki.

After looking and looking, I came up with this wildly exciting skein of brown yarn.

I actually am excited about it as I had been looking for a worsted weight in a natural sheep color for a thrummed cap.

Also while there I checked out a Civil War exhibit and spotted this beautiful dolly.

Family history says she came from France to Memphis in 1850. Later, the owner gave the doll to her niece in Pine Bluff, Ar. Check out the wee knitted hose.

The weekend gave me the chance to do my thing is this gorgeous ballroom. Here's hoping I get to go back next year.

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