Friday, March 02, 2012


Since my former LYS boss let me go, I have more time on my hands and a lot less disposable income. So this year, we're going to be doing more gardening. LB built me some raised beds two years ago, and I gardened quite a bit the first year, then did nothing last year because my schedule was so full.

No excuses this year. We can't afford not to garden.

I am looking forward to spring lettuces and radishes and want to get a cold frame going as well.

The really big homesteading news is this:

I raised chickens for many years when I was a kid, sold the eggs even. We'd been talking for a few years about getting chickens, but weren't sure we'd have the time and didn't want to commit to an order of 25, which is most hatcheries' minimum. The city sets a limit of 4 animals per lot, which means we could only have 5 chicks (1 dog + 2 cats + 5 chicks = 2 lots).

Then a neighbor suggested going in together and three of us were able to pick what we wanted. I, of course, wanted antebellum breeds and really got my heart set on Polish Crested. There weren't any Polish when the neighbor went to pick up the chicks, alas, so we settled for Barred Rocks. I swapped out a few for a Sussex (another antebellum breed) and a Wyandotte (a post-war breed, but soooo pretty).

Yma Sumac doesn't even seem to realize they're here; Sherman was very interested at first, and Steuben has been completely obnoxious about wanting to get to them.

Wish us luck! Are the eggs here yet?


Kara said...

BABY CHICKS! They're so cute at this stage. :) And eggs by summer! Maybe! yay!

Crafty and Crap said...

I'm starting seeds soon. Let me know if i can start any plants for you. I have a ton of options and a bunch heirlooms. I so want to chat you up about your plans etc.

Tempest ina Pot of Tea said...

Mindy you are so kind, and the two of you are both very patient to have chickens. I do not like chickens as an creature only as a meal.