Saturday, February 18, 2012

Mardi Gras Swap -- Incoming

I've been having voice issues, literal and metaphorical, of late. Having done some damage at a rock star gig on Thursday, and experiencing real moments of terror that I could not afford whatever surgery it was that Adele got, I spent yesterday resting my vocal chords in preparation for another rock star gig tonight. So, don't talk to me, okay? Not until I cash the check anyway.

This would all be easier if I didn't love cheese so much.

Yesterday, when I was resting my voice, my Mardi Gras swap package arrived from Maine. Why Maine? Because this year, not a single member of our swap lives in New Orleans. Three are ex-pats who have been exiled to MA, ME, and KS, while I only went to New Orleans once when I was a young teen. I am pretty sure we rode a trolley, but I mostly remember that our campground was a parking lot next to a train tracks. Really.

My neighbors are expecting a baby, so all week I have been getting delivery of packages for them, but this time it was for me! All me! Mine! When I picked up the box and shook it (because I couldn’t help myself) I heard a jingling noise that I am sure drove the mail carriers crazy.

When I opened the box, I actually got totally distracted by this beautiful mask pattern and nearly forgot to open the rest. I can’t wait to try this out. I think my crochet skills are up for it. If not, I have just joined a new crochet group and I know I can get help if I get stuck.

There were delicious things to eat, including a custom-made, salt-free Cajun spice blend. Just that morning, I had eaten a huge batch of popcorn seasoned with the creole seasoning I got in the last MG swap, or I would have whipped up some popcorn right away. Steu and I have been eating a ton of popcorn lately, so the seasoning will come in handy. There was also a wonderful chocolate snowman made of some very high quality chocolate. I know it’s high quality because I have already bitten his hat off.

There was a book on the history of MG, which LB immediately absconded with. I roped him into taking some photos of my swap box and then he just disappeared with the book.

For fibery goodness, there was a beautiful skein of handspun from Sunwest Yarn and a selection of fun cocktail stitch markers. I know this yarn will bloom just beautifully and am plotting what to make with it. I have a really nice purple alpaca in mind and am envisioning a cowl of my own design.

Best of all, there were two (not one, but two!) different knitted gifties. And technically, since one was for my hands and one was for my feet, that made FOUR knitted gifties. First were these gorgeous mitts from an alpaca blend. Look at the beautiful fleur-de-lis buttons! In the last week or so, I mislaid last year’s Mardi Gras mitts, so these are really coming in handy already.

Finally, I discovered the source of all the jingling: fuzzy Mardi Gras slippers! I love them and wore them most of the day. I keep taking tiny, mincing steps just to make them jingle more. They're back on my feet this morning as I type (although I did hand carry them out of the bedroom so as not to wake LB).

Thank you Tracie! LB, Steu, and I are having a wonderful Mardi Gras thanks to you!


As for the metaphorical voice issues, I have been working on that too. I've been helped by some kindred spirits. I've been practicing, and I'm nearly ready to speak up.

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