Friday, November 12, 2010

In Which Our Heroine Gets Stuff (Part 3)

Something must be in the water, because right as I decided to write a post about how our heroine gets stuff, more stuff arrived. Much more stuff. Thank heavens I love me some stuff.

On Halloween, when I was being a rock star, my friend Joe gifted me with this smiley. I'm not sure why, exactly, but it definitely makes me smile.

Joe welds for a living, and a few years ago started using scrap from his job to make things of beauty.

He made our bottle tree, which I think he drives by and visits from time to time.

When LB and I got married, Joe made us a rock star yard ornament.

There's a fiddler,

a guitarist,

a banjo player,

and one little ol' rock star--complete with microphone and index card.

LB was home for less than 24 hours, but when he left I found this book (and a pile of cash too, which is good because I like me some cash).
I think it may be from my sister, but there was no note.

Each page tells the story of the "real" Princess Alyss and her adventures in coming to London. Many of the pages have tiny envelopes with mysterious missives (ephemera!!! squee!). I have been treating myself to one page an evening before I go to bed. Last night, I was wicked and read two.

Thanks Bunchie!

Then at knit night, the lovely and talented Sharon gave me these awesome Day of the Dead stitch markers. I now have nearly as many Day of the Dead stitch markers as I do Mardi Gras ones, which is good because I love me both Day of the Dead and Mardi Gras.

Definitely feeling the love!


Stephanie Ann said...

I love the sculptures. They aren't your average lawn decorations. How cool.

Susan Armstrong said... lucky stiff...I want a bottle tree too!

yoel said...

Yay prezzies! That rock star band sculpture is awesome. May I have one too?