Tuesday, June 29, 2010


This Friday I am giving a talk at the AKC Museum of the Dog on the antebellum works in their collection. I am only about a third of the way done.

Did I mention that the talk is this Friday?

In the meantime, I bought a post card.


Susan Armstrong said...

Here...some more to add to the pile of documentation! LOL

The Art-Journal. 1855
Page 39

"Let those 'knit' now that never 'knit' before,
and those who never knit, now knit the more."

Crochet and Netting.-Then, when every one had learned to knit, crochet was introduced, and what had been previously knit was now to be executed with the crochet needle.

Oh...don't you just love finding good stuff!

Anonymous said...

So that's an interesting picture -- her ball of white yarn on the dirty ground with a peasant "marinating" right above it! My goodness.

I can't wait to hear the talk -- it'll be fantastic. I'm sure Mr. Steuie will be All Ears.


Susan Armstrong said...

I wonder if she had been holding the ball of yarn in her apron. One side appears tucked up while the other side is down, and the yarn falling to the ground.
A make shift knitting apron, maybe?