Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cavalier Swap #1

... and on to happier things:

Somehow, puppy dogs don't show up in the lyrics to "My Favorite Things," but "brown paper packages tied up with string” do.

Due to the flakiness of a swapper, I ended up with two swap partners and Sheila, from Ireland, ended up with me as a surprise partner.

She sent three different types of yarn. Three!

I have plans for two already and am thinking I may need to make mitts with the Irish tweed. The sock yarn will go towards socks for my husband and the pink to baby booties for my neighbor who is expecting a little girl.

There were all kinds of delicious treats for me and for the cats.

The chocolate was all melted, but didn't leak, and after resting in front of the AC, recovered well enough to be eaten, which is all that one could ask, after all. I feel a little bad, because I was too afraid to tempt customs by sending any foodstuffs.

Sheila found lots of thing that I love:

The Mardi Gras mask is a paper mache one she bought in London nearly 20 years ago.

She really spoiled Steuey too.

The duck toy has a quacker in it that makes a noise whenever Steu shakes it.
Plus, there's a pin-up photo of his new girlfriend, Lola.

Finally, she knitted a Tudora for me and a mini one for Steu and sent a french lavender sachet to keep them safe until fall.

I'll be humming "My Favorite Things" for the rest of the week!


passementarie said...

Puppy looks SOOO happy! Cute pic!

yoel said...

I want the duck and the crunchie bar, in that order. Yum! I've been looking for a crunchie bar for the past 15 years! Also I want the dog, but he's probably not on the table.