Monday, December 14, 2009

Thrice in One Day

Today is my birthday.

Had I been a better planner, I might not have arranged my birth to fall during finals week each semester. As a rule, my birthdays tend to suck. When I was in college, I spent my birthday cramming for finals and writing papers. Now, I spend my birthdays racing to meet grade submission deadlines or finding plagiarists.

This morning, aside from the hour or so of insomnia around 3:30, I began my birthday by slapping the snooze button about thirty times, then frantically realizing I needed to be in early to write the final.

I was sleepy, stressed, crabby, and did not have good hair. I would be leaving the house in the dark and returning in the dark.

I threw my innumerable tote bags in the car, turned and spotted this:

I'd been yarn bombed!

In some of my favorite colors, no less.
I can't even begin to say what spotting this cozy did to my attitude.
By turning my head, squinting just so, I could see my lovely yarn bomb, my new bottle tree, and my neighbor's tasteful Xmas decorations.

It's a happy birthday after all.


yoel said...

Happy Birthday! What a lovely little present!

Anonymous said...

So awesome, I could not have done it better myself. Happy Birthday baby!

Crafty and Crap said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

Ann said...

Yay! A Mardi Gras yarn bomb! Many happy returns of the day.

I think we'd all be fine with it if you moved your birthday to a Tuesday in mid February so that once in a while, there would be a huge party in your honor. ; )

Carrie said...

Awesome yarn bomb! And happy (late) birthday!

Unknown said...

Look around you, there's another one you haven't spotted yet!

Kara said...

Happy birthday a bit late! :)