Monday, November 16, 2009


I've blogged in the past that pompoms are my bete noir. A shame really, since pompoms were beloved by civil war knitters. This mariposa, for example, is covered with gobs of them:

My unwillingness to wrap an adequate pompom has left many a civil war knitting project languishing in my work room for years on end.

In 2009, fortunately, pompom yarn is in vogue. At least that's what our yarn rep told us. My boss didn't buy it. The yarn rep even sent a sample hank. I tried knitting with it, yet pompoms remained a problem for me. My sample project was a wadded up mess.

On Friday, I felt the urge to buy yarn. I visited one LYS a few miles south of my work. Note: If you have a teeny tiny shop (as in literally a nook and a converted closet), don't set up a big table for knit group that takes up the entire space. I couldn't find anything without climbing over the knitters, so I gave up.

Still feeling the urge, I stopped by my former LYS and spotted this pompom yarn. They had a free, one-skein crochet pattern that was just what I needed.

In about 30 minutes I had crocheted a pompom chain. The broken bit that popped out of the center of the skein was enough to make a matching bracelet.

For some reason, although I've deleted and reuploaded three times, my photo of said bracelet keeps rotating the wrong way. I told you pompoms and I were not friends.

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