Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Stitch 'n Pitch

Aaah! The day is getting away from me. I've taught my three classes, but have to cram in a visit to the chiropractor (got rear-ended last week), pick up our CSA order, drop it off at home, and then sell raffle tickets for the fundraising doll this evening at the monthly Civil War Roundtable meeting.

I've got to drive from the far south suburbs to the far west suburbs, to midtown, to south city, back to the far south suburbs, and then back to south city. Plus, I just realized LB's birthday is in two days.

This post will simply have to be the bare-bones about Stitch 'n Pitch.

I went.

I saw friends.

I had a very nice date (the best one so far).

We won!
I got some great loot in my tote bag.The end.

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Rachel said...

Deborah! Rear ended? Are you okay? How is the other driver? I hope you just need a minor adjustment instead of a major one.