Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I have knitted a wee bit. I promise. I'm even wearing knitwear today. Still, the puppy is all consuming.
First, a puppy pic:

He's been sitting in my lap as I knit on a smoking cap. The trouble is, the cap is a boring project while the puppy is much more interesting. I'm nearly at the end, but it's about 150 stitches in the round with sport weight yarn on size 2s. I'm beyond bored.

I did buy yarn, but am resisting a cast on until the hat is cast off.

A Zauberball bought from Kirkwood Knittery for LB.

Several balls of wool bought directly from The Shepherd's Wife (no website, no shop), destined to become some Civil War knitwear.

Puppy class starts tomorrow.

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Bridgett said...

Ok, that puppy would keep me from eating, much less knitting. I'm not even a dog person, but that face!