Thursday, June 25, 2009

In which a miracle occurs

Technically, I suppose, the term "miracle" should be reserved for the true hand-of-God material, like walking on water, parting a sea, feeding a giant crowd with a few loaves and fish. You know, stuff like that.

Of course there's sports miracles, like the "Miracle on Ice" or a Hail Mary pass because we all know God picks sides.

I can't even compete with a Jesus-shaped Cheeto, but somehow miraculously my photos came back.

I don't use "miracle" lightly here. Seriously, I had turned my camera on and off several times, hit the review button only to see "No photos in memory" on the display screen each time.

Then last night, there they were. They're not miraculously good photos, but they are miraculously present.

1. Picture 029, 2. door, 3. lala, 4. rhysngeoff2, 5. nuts, 6. cookie, 7. corner, 8. rhysngeoff1, 9. geoff3, 10. bassclamps, 11. rhysnval, 12. geoff2, 13. geoff1, 14. sadie, 15. corner, 16. bassclamps


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos!

Is that St. Louis Strings? My violin was born at KC Strings (I believe they're owned by the same family?) and I need to get down to St. Louis Strings soon for a 'checkup' (read: excuse to play and gawk :-D)

Suzy Rust said...

Hurray! Those are really cool pix, and look fantastic lined up like that: gift wrap!

7-letter Deborah, never a Deb said...

Thanks guys--the shop is Geoff Seitz, Violinmaker at the corner of Morganford & Loughborough.