Monday, April 27, 2009

Two Hoods

In the past three days, I've finished two Civil War hoods. They're waiting on only the ribbon trimming before I post photos.

The second would be beautiful as a modern hood. I took careful notes as I worked and hope to offer it as a free pattern.

I've given away or sold so much of my CW wear, that I really need to rebuild my stock of display pieces.


Rachel gave me some goat cheese, which I've been loving. In a desperate attempt to rid our house of all the sweet potatoes before Fair Shares inundates us with more, I resorted to sweet potato spice bread.

I spread the mild goat cheese on the bread, sprinkle with cinnamon sugar, and chow down.

Two more sweet potatoes to go before Wednesday.


Bridgett said...

Come on, it's not like they're winter squash (which I still have in embarrassing abundance from last year's fair shares...)

Rachel said...

Mashed sweet potatoes! Shredded! Fried! In pancakes! Pie! Chips!

That goat cheese is pretty awesome. I will definitely be ordering more of it.

Thanks for the pineapple kitty notebook! :):):)