Monday, February 02, 2009

Football and Knitting

I am the sports fan in our house. I am the one who screams at the television, "Run MoFo! Run!" as if by blowing out my voice I can somehow change the score. I was exhausted when it was all over last night, but could not have wished for a better game.

I worked on Matt's Mardi Gras gloves (90%) done, but when the one-row button holes were taking my eyes off the television too much, I switched to fringing the shawl for a nineteenth century china doll. The shawl is made from a Godey's Lady's Book pattern, but miniaturized through the use of size 0 needles and lace weight yarn.

The yarns are a hand-dyed indigo and then chestnut and tan. Next up, I think she needs a miniature sontag or undersleeves.

I have been cooking a bit. Behold my first attempt at sushi:

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Anna McClurg said...

Oooh sushi! (No, I'm not really a fan of it.) Did you see this?