Thursday, January 01, 2009

Knitting 2008

No wonder my little arms get so tired.

It never occurred to me to count the total until I saw how someone else had figured it out. I can't promise there aren't more and there certainly aren't photos of all, but here's my knitting totals for 2008:

Kerchief: 1
Sweaters: 1
Baby Sweaters: 1
Afghans: 1
Dog Sweaters: 1
Pet Squares: 2
Dishcloths: 2
Lassos of Truth: 2
Purses: 3
Fiestaware Tea Sets: 3 pieces
Soft-Boiled Egg Covers: 1 set of 4
Wraps: 4
Mitts: 5 pairs
Neck Warmers: 5
Scarves: 8
Socks: 12 pairs
Hats: 13

I'm feeling much more forgiving about having UFOs now.

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