Monday, July 28, 2008


I can always tell when I'm stressed by the amount of beige on my plate. Apparently I woke up on Saturday ranting about rumors of boiled peanuts at Soulard Market. Turns out, they're true.

I washed it all down with that very beige (in color only--it's damn spicy) ginger ale, Blenheim's.

As I've been making my way through all the green produce from Fair Shares, a surprising amount of beige food has come out of my kitchen. It still tastes good though.
  • Mushroom and lemon thyme bread pudding (mushrooms, eggs, and the bread from our fair share)

  • Blue cheese crisps (made w/ the hogie rolls and pecans from our fair share)
  • Elotes (Oaxacan-style roasted sweet corn, with Mexican crema, queso fresco, chili, and lime; corn from our fair share)

  • Summer squash three-cheese enchiladas with green tomatillo sauce (mysterious green squash and yellow squash from our fair share)
I'm so glad to be splitting, as we're having trouble keeping up with it all. I finally broke down and made zucchini bread, trying out my crock-pot's cake baker unit, unused since the pot was new sometime in the 1970s (I got it at a yard sale).

Easy cooking, no warming up the kitchen, not overly moist (LB's pet peeve about zucchini bread (zucchini, honey, and nuts from our fair share). I squeezed out as much excess liquid as I could before mixing in the zucchini). Still, it turned out even beiger than I would have thought possible.

Still, not such a bad thing this time of year. Grades have now officially been turned in. Not one single melt down on my part, attributable entirely to eating beige, I'm sure.


Obligatory knitting content:

I need this book, available from I have one Civil War knitting gauge, but am always on the lookout for more.


yoel said...

Congrats on using up six pecans! Mine are still sitting in a big bag...If I can figure out how to make a pie in the crock pot I'd do so, but for now they're waiting for inspiration!

The zucchini bread is very beige, but looks tasty sort of like banana bread!

Tempest ina Pot of Tea said...

I know this may bother some people, but I am a big believer in food dyes. Sometimes, I just want to eat a blue blueberry muffin, or a very yellow deviled egg. Call me artifical, I don't care.

Suzy Rust said...

Crockpots! Now there's some unsung junk. Just never cook wienies in them, unless you want your home to smell like a rendering plant.

Shay said...

squash enchilada recipe please! I am drowning in yellow squash!